eCommerce ads made easy with AI

AdScale connects to your store, helping you to easily create & manage profitable ad campaigns across multiple channels in one place with automation and AI.

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Manage  acquisition & retention in one place

Acquire more customers on Facebook ads & Google ads and Increase customer retention with SMS & Email , all connected to first-party data in one place.
  • Search
  • Performance Max (Shopping)
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • SMS 
  • Email

Set up in minutes

Forget complicated setup. Connect AdScale to your store in a few clicks.

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Easily acquire more customers

Boost your ad performance by automating everything from ad creation, and optimization, to audience targeting and performance tracking.
  • Easy ads creation wizard
  • 24/7 AI-Optimization
  • Click-to-order attribution
  • Magic AI-Copy
  • Magic Video Ads
  • Actionable tips

Increase customers’ lifetime value

Get more value from your customers with personalized SMS & Email marketing. Easily engage with your customers wherever they are, get started in minutes, and drive sales on autopilot.  
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • New customer welcome 
  • Lost customer win-back
  • Sales announcement
  • Back in stock notifications
  • Happy birthday discount


Customer support that works for you

Our team is here to provide you with personalized and outstanding service, ensuring you have a smooth integration when connecting your store and your ad accounts.

Leverage the power of your store’s data

Gain rich analytics and insights that help sharpen advertising and make intelligent business decisions.
  • Key performance indicators
  • Customer segments builder
  • Order analytics
  • Customer behavior
  • Product breakdown
  • Trend analysis

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