AI ad management across multiple ad channels, all in one place.


Our flagship self-serve, easy-to-use AI ad management platform for ecommerce merchants looking to increase revenue while saving on PPC management costs.

Advertise like a pro

With AdScale, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to run successful ad campaigns. Our intuitive interface and wide selection of ad types makes advertising easy even for novice marketers.

From ad creation to ad copy testing and optimization, we help you maximize your advertising budget by automating every aspect of campaign management.

Take control of your advertising budget

Get the most out of your ad spend across all channels with our automatic budget optimization. Define your advertising goals and the return on ad spend you are looking for, and let AdScale’s AI automatically balance your advertising budget across Google and Facebook.

10 minutes per week

We built the AdScale platform with one thing in mind: simplicity. Our platform makes it easy to manage your campaigns, big and small. We focus on ease of use, so that you can quickly create and optimize campaigns without spending hours each week tweaking them.

Easy-to-use wizards
Automatic product feeds
AI optimization
Smart budget allocation
Reduce costs

Tired of paying for expensive PPC management services? Save your time, and media agency costs, using a 24/7 automated advertising platform without human intervention.

Save Time & Improve Results

Your job is running your business, not an ad account. AdScale is designed to save you time on all aspects of your ad management, so that you can spend more time on what’s important to you, while AdScale’s AI boosts your ad performance with advanced algorithms that manage your bids and budgets around the clock.

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