From fragmented solutions To a Complete Marketing Cloud

Migrate your store and run your campaign in 30 minutes.

Gain sales, not tools.

With Google ads, Facebook ads, email & SMS all in one platform you can say goodbye to data syncing and backend integrations.

Thinking about migration?

We’ve got your back, our support team will take you through a smooth transition.

Reap all the benefits

Migration human support

Save time & manage more customers with the same staff

Dedicated migration tools

Benchmark your clients’ performance

Ready made campaigns and flows

Learn your customers AOV, CLV and dozens of other businesses key performance indicators

Bring your existing ad accounts or get new ones

Our agencies support team is dedicated to helping you grow your business with AdScale

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One platform for managing all your marketing efforts

Wrapped in smart dashboards and a BI that shows you every single point of data in actionable ways
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • E-mail Marketing

We sync with your first party data directly from your store

AdScale doesn’t rely on pixel data from Google and Facebook. When connecting to AdScale we use your first party data on top of google and Facebook data to automate the creation and optimization of your campaigns.

We serve store owners from over 200 countries

We have SMS, e-mail and ads coverage for every single country in the world

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