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AdScale AI builds you smart segments and campaigns ready to use on Google ads, Facebook ads, Email,  and for SMS

24/7 optimization

Our Smart AI calculates your data 24/7, making optimization decisions and taking actions on the spot so you don’t lose a single chance to win new customer.

Limitless customer segmentation

Send SMS, Email or advertise to any of our ready made segments, and create dynamic segments on your own.

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AdScale’s Marketing Cloud can help you achieve the following

Ready made flow templates

Get started faster with a selection of Shopify Plus automation templates.

Codeless integration

Integrate with AdScale within a few clicks, no developers needed.

AI ad creation

Don’t waste time on copyrighting, get the perfect copy for your ad on demand.

Real-time store-to-ad syncing

Every product change made in your store will automatically update in your ads.

Ease of use and installation

Set up your account and create your ads in minutes, without the need for technical expertise.

Full historical data sync

Once you connect AdScale to your Magento store, all your historical data syncs automatically so you don’t need to start advertising from scratch. Connect your own Facebook and Google accounts, or we’ll open new accounts for you.

One platform for all marketing activities

From fragmented solutions to one E-commerce Marketing Cloud. Save time on marketing, be assured that you are investing your budget in the most optimized way and don’t ever worry again about counting multiple conversions for the same sale.

One centralized dashboard with all your stats

Take a quick look at all the marketing and advertising performance with one dashboard, or dive-in to detailed reporting.

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