Turn customer data into revenue with email automation.


Use email marketing to drive repeat business and maximize your marketing efforts using personalization and audience segments.

Engage more customers

Personalized emails that you send to your customers can be incredibly powerful. AdScale gives you the tools to do this, with deep integration into your first-party data and thousands of email templates already built for you.

Use ready-made templates

Don’t worry about researching the best marketing email formats again. We came up with the top performing templates that have been analyzed by our marketing team.We know what works and what doesn’t, and you benefit from our experience.

Win repeat business with customer segments

Deliver the right ads to customers using AdScale’s ready-made dynamic customer segments, or create your own in minutes. Use these segments for email, SMS, and ad targeting. You can also measure your results by segment.

Run event-based email campaigns

With AdScale email campaigns, you can set a tailored campaign with a unique email for any occasion; anniversaries, birthdays, abandoned carts, or any other event.

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