Setup was super easy and we saw results right away

Setup was super easy and we saw results right away

Berenik stands for timeless swiss fashion with an aesthetically strong vision of simplicity and a contemporary style. Veronika Brusa is the Swiss designer behind the fashion brand Berenik. She has been living and developing her brand all over the world – Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Shanghai, Paris, New York – and has recently moved her studio and the BERENIK distribution to Fisterra, Spain.

AdScale helped Veronika’s Ads to reach her clients wherever they were, drastically reducing her wasted Ad Spend.

This helped her to focus on Berenik while leaving the ad work to us.

Veronika Brusa Owner, Designer

“When I joined AdScale, I was looking for an easy way to advertise my brand all over the world. AdScale has helped me to simplify how I advertise and even earned me a return of 1,985% on my advertising spend.”

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