How AdScale helped WalterHill increase online sales by 50%

How AdScale helped WalterHill increase online sales by 50%

WalterHill is an ecommerce store with a reputation for producing high-quality polarized sunglasses. However, they faced challenging competition from well-known and heavily budgeted brands in the highly competitive eyewear market. 

WalterHill approached AdScale to help them sustain growth despite the tough competition without breaking the bank.

The Growth Formula

AdScale explained to WalterHill that customer acquisition costs in the ecommerce world have skyrocketed, bringing many businesses to the brink of non-profitability. 

Accordingly, Adscale has developed a formula for sustainable growth for ecommerce stores and built a platform that aims to help customers use it to grow customer lifetime value and profitability.

The solution

AdScale is an AI-advertising platform that helps ecommerce businesses acquire more customers and increase lifetime value by running first-party data campaigns across all channels with one platform.

With AdScale, WalterHill was able to create personalized ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, SMS & Email using data & images pulled directly from their store. 


After implementing AdScale, WalterHill saw a 50% increase in online sales within the first four months. 

This significant increase in sales allowed WalterHill to successfully compete with the large brands, acquire new customers and reduce the cost per acquisition, resulting in a higher return on investment. 

Dominic Hill CEO

AdScale has been an enormous success for WalterHill, contributing to the overall growth and success of the business

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