Run highly performing ads in a post-cookie world

Leverage the power of your customers’ data to boost ad performance. Easily run data-driven ads across Search, Shopping, Display & Social on one platform.

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Run all ads on one platform

Manage Search, Shopping, Display, Facebook & Instagram with one powerful, yet easy-to use, advertising platform.Use BI-powered customer segments to target the right audience with the right products on the right channels.

Fast & easy campaigns creation

Use AI-Powered advertising plans exclusively tailored for your store to create advertising campaigns across all channels easily.

Cross-Channel Budget Optimization

Set your goals and let AdScale’s AI continuously distribute real-time budgets between channels to maximize your advertising revenue.

24/7 Bid Optimization

Get the most out of your ad spend with our AI bid optimization utilizing historical performance, advanced prediction models, and current market trends.

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One Dashboard for all advertising

Overview your performance across all channels with our insightful dashboard.

Get Actionable tips

Easily improve ads performance with automated tips like: Pausing under performing ads, refreshing ad copy, adding/removing audience and more.

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