Take Control Of Your Budget – A Solution To The 2x Budget Issue

by Amir Levi 13.Feb.2018 2 min read Views
Take Control of Your Budget - a Solution to the 2x Budget Issue

There was a great deal of confusion for AdWords managers upon the introduction of last year’s 2x budget change.
Despite Google’s attempt at clarifying the change, many questions remained:
What happens if new campaigns are opened in the middle of the month? And what about campaigns scheduled to run on certain days of the week – will the monthly charging limit be adjusted accordingly?
We’re well aware that even with more traffic and increased Ad spend for specific days, this will not guarantee a higher rate of conversion.
What’s the solution?

Gaining Clarity

AdScale’s smart budget management calculates a budget for every day of the month in advance This is based on historical data and sophisticated algorithms.
Recent performance trends are also taken into consideration. Your campaigns’ budgets are adjusted accordingly each day.
This way you will know exactly how much your Ad spend is for each day of the month.
AdScale’s adaptive budget management algorithms ensure control over your budgets – saving your funds from low-quality traffic.

Get account clarity!
See for yourself with a 30-day free trial!

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