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Social Media E-commerce Trends AdScale

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For a clear analysis of today’s success in online trade, it is necessary to study the new e-commerce social media marketing trends in sales carefully.

There are clear guidelines for it, here are a few examples:

  • Social networks increase sales;
  • B2Bs spend more on technologies;
  • Chatbots are useful for managers;
  • Internet shopping is carried out on a number of devices; 
  • One-click buying is a great strategy for online sales;
  • Use AI to approximate your goals;
  • By including augmented and virtual reality, you can attract more attention to your brand;
  • Voice commerce.

E-commerce as a social media strategy is gaining momentum. Everyone can take advantage of a wide range of technologies and thus match today’s capabilities. It will be difficult to reach a goal innovatively. Brands that do not bring modern solutions to their strategy cannot count on high profits.

Our advice to companies is to tie their online shop with their social networks. Companies are posting products that they want to sell on their pages. Because of this, they can increase their client base.

Despite the existence of modern solution methods, many brands still use catalogs as their main commercial strategy. However, we still emphasize the fact that setting up a good web page attracts more people and brings, accordingly, more profit.

In this article, we’ll take a look at social media e-commerce trends and their impact on a company’s bottom line.

Official E-commerce Statistics And Forecasts

Official E-commerce Statistics And Forecasts
  • Use e-commerce as social media marketing to create similar sales paths 

According to statistics, 49% of the population claim that e-commerce as social media marketing inspires them to pre-empt goods. Also, 71% of people say that recommendations significantly increase interest in the product and encourage shopping.

If we take social media sales analysis into consideration, then Facebook can be used as the best platform. According to statistics, 85% of sales in social networks occur through Facebook.

In 2021, total online sales are expected to rise to $4.5 trillion. Thus, it becomes apparent that e-commerce is the optimal way to generate good sales profits.

According to forecasts, big sales are expected to take up 19.5% of sales in 2021. As a result, most of the money spent on sales will be associated with online shopping.

It is expected that online selling will continue to grow, bringing brands higher profits.

If we look at preliminary forecasts, sales will be $6.388 trillion by 2024, with an all e-commerce stake of 21.8%.

This commercial strategy is good at attracting clients. Studying statistics, we can see that over the past six months, 79% of the population purchased goods using modern devices.

Online sales via e-commerce social media marketing is a nice option for promotions. According to official statistics, 71% of the population purchases products due to social networks.

Modern E-commerce Trends

Modern E-commerce Trends

There are a lot of options for rising sales, below is a list of some of them, we advise you to use them in your strategy:

  • B2B sector spends more on e-commerce technologies

B2B will probably take advantage of online sales. Customers who prefer wholesale will rely on advanced B2C functionality from e-commerce sources that wholesalers produce.

Platforms with wholesale sales using B2C should be quite comfortable for people. It should have a product catalog, shopping cart, and check-out variations.

There are also platforms like Amazon and Alibaba.

Alibaba accounts for about 80% of sales. Alibaba is the intermediary between the Kyai and Western markets.

Today’s e-commerce social media strategy makes it possible to transfer from B2C to B2B format. To join B2B expand your strategies using modern methods.

  • Chatbots allow you to place orders automatically

Recently, this method of online sales has become a really good chance to simplify work with people and even increase income.

According to official statistics, 45% of shoppers agree that a chatbot is the best option for contacting customer support.

A social network such as Facebook also creates chatbots, which helps to save time on using managers.

We also advise you to pay attention to these tips:

  • Mobile devices are becoming the main channel for online shopping

62% of mobile device users have purchased something in the past six months using their mobile phones. This makes responsive design an essential attribute of a successful online store.

If the design of your online store doesn’t meet the requirements, you are losing potential buyers. In addition, more and more companies are launching branded applications.

Let’s take a look at the Starbucks app. The company developed the Ordering and Pay app in 2015. In 2017, the app processed about 30% of payments from all orders. Bear in mind that the online business app is one of the hottest mobile e-commerce trends in 2021.

  • One-click purchase is a must for e-commerce

The convenience of working with clients is a necessity for a modern online store. The integration of one-click shopping and one-step checkout extensions is a global e-commerce trend followed by many retailers.

28% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because the checkout process is too long and complicated. The multi-step checkout process is the third reason the shopping cart is abandoned. Additional key reasons for shopping cart abandonment are additional shipping costs (60% of online shoppers) and lack of pickup (37% of online shoppers). 

One-page checkout makes the buying process much more convenient. This leads to more conversions and fewer shopping carts being abandoned.

Many extensions streamline the checkout process. However, you will need a developer to integrate these extensions into your online store. Moreover, an e-commerce social media marketing developer will help you find the perfect solution for your platform.

Helpful Options For E-commerce Social Media Strategy

These tips will also be indispensable strategies:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for more personalized interactions

AI is one of the main parts of e-commerce social media marketing. It becomes a powerful tool for increasing conversions. Online retailers use this technology to communicate more personally with shoppers. As a result, it increases the customer’s lifetime value and the average order value. For example, you can use AI to analyze customer behavior or offer customers more personalized discounts based on their previous purchases.

Machine learning technology is even more powerful because it combines several types of artificial intelligence. Machine learning chatbots collect information from buyers and give them the appropriate answers. Thus, machine learning can help automate customer support. This e-commerce social media strategy is also suitable for providing customers with more relevant search results. The technology generates search rankings based on relevance for that particular user.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are reviving physical stores

These facilities are very popular with retailers. All customers love these technologies. The report showed that 40% of people would buy the product at a higher price if they could test it in VR/AR first. What’s more, 61% of people are loyal to brands that provide them with augmented reality features. Many retailers have already implemented augmented reality technologies in their stores.

Let’s take a look at Houzz, a home design and interior design company. After launching its augmented reality app, the company found it influenced purchasing decisions. In particular, shoppers are 11 times more likely to purchase an item after using an app. 

  • Use voice commerce as an e-commerce social media strategy

It contains products created by programs such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. It is expected to keep growing, so this trend will be one of the main ones in the coming years.

Most mobile devices will be designed to use voice assistants by 2023. There were about 2.5 billion of them in 2018, and there will be about 8 billion such devices.

Official figures predict the profit from sales through voice commerce will be about $40 billion in 2022. Visit AdScale blog for even more useful tips on e-commerce and online business. There are many interesting points that may help you in your work.


What is Social Commerce?

Types of commerce include customer reviews, customer recommendations, forums, website optimization, and ad setup.

What are the latest trends in e-commerce?
  • Good publicity;
  • Marketing that has become automated;
  • The use of AI in advertising;
  • Expanding commerce by adding them to mobile devices;
  • Virtual reality for products on sites;
  • Adding voice search.
What is the main innovation in e-commerce?

Chatbots will be at the forefront of e-commerce trends. 45% of people find this supplement to be very helpful and convenient.

What other trends are there in e-commerce marketing?

Aside from the mainstream trends, there are also things like local stock advertising, niche markets, vertical markets, and retargeting.

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