Take Control Of Your E-mail Marketing: E-mail Examples On Shipping Delay

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Take Control Of Your E-mail Marketing — Learn These Email Examples On Shipping Delay

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It’s great when your sales-related business is thriving, but there are unpredictable situations, for example, a delivery delay or even the delivery loss. Somehow you need to explain it to the client, but how to do it? You should write the correct delivery delay e-mail.

At the moment, the problem that entrepreneurs face is maintaining a decent level of work and communication with customers when it comes to discussing product delivery.

In marketing, there are certain strategies to work with customers that concern goods delivery and delays. Informing your visitors of the location of their package and solving possible issues with its delivery, you establish trustworthy relations with your customers.

The delivery delay situations are unpleasant, and people may get angry with that. We would like you to give some tips on how to communicate with customers about the order delivery delay.

  1. Update your website with up-to-date information regarding various delivery features. For example, the well-known brand Clif Bar uses a banner that carries information that the company has a fairly large volume of orders, and, therefore, the goods may be delayed. They also add a link where customers can go and read more information about the order or call customer services. 
  2. Keep customers informed about the order status to prevent them from overloading the customer support line.
  3. Update the information about the package periodically. Show your customers your attitude. It can increase the ratings of your company.
  4. If you know that order delivery delays are inevitable, create more channels to reach you and inform your clients in advance.
  5. Be honest with people by posting information about possible shipping issues next to the ordering questionnaires on your website.

Answering These Questions May Help E-commerce To Prevent Unpleasant Situations While Communicating With Your Customers

Preventing Unpleasant Situations While Communicating With Your Customers

Sometimes, having your own business, unpleasant situations may arise, for example, when the goods for some reason cannot be delivered to the buyer on time. No matter how good a businessman you are, you cannot always control the timely delivery of goods since it does not always depend on you, but you can negotiate with your customers, explaining the situation and apologizing. Answering the following questions may help you to get over negotiation problems with your customer. 

Does sweeping a delay under the rug lose your customers?

Yes, it does. Not every embarrassed customer will stop working with you, but this can reduce the level of your customers’ trust. It is better to try to solve all problems as quickly as possible and show your clients that they were not wrong buying goods in your online store.

What causes order delivery delay?

Order delivery delay can be associated with an increase in the volume of orders, which leads to the fact that store employees simply do not have time to register and dispatch all the goods on time. It can also be connected with the carelessness of the carrier and, perhaps, they just confused the address where the order should be delivered. 

Why does it matter to send shipment delay notifications to customers?

Active cooperation with clients makes them understand that you are interested in successful deals, and this increases the level of customer confidence in your company. And just by sending an e-mail notifying you of a delivery delay, explaining the reasons and ways out of the situation, you are strengthening partnerships with customers.

Also, among the reasons for the importance of sending e-mails about the current status of a product are the following:

  1. It helps to avoid your company WISMO (an acronym for “Where is my order?”). By sending notifications to your customers about delayed delivery of goods, you save your company’s support service from numerous requests for non-delivery of goods.
  2. Studies were carried out, during which it turned out that in 2021 about 2.14 billion people began to buy goods on the Internet, which means that the remaining people continue to make offline purchases as they do not trust online stores. People do not make purchases, worried that delivery may not be carried out on time, or the goods may be completely lost. In this regard, one of the methods of improving interaction with customers and increasing their trust in online stores is communication with customers regarding all stages of purchasing a product, including timely notification of customers about the delay of a product.

Delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to be unprepared. You assure the customer that you are not a scamming company. You should always create an e-mail template so that you can use it when needed.

So, it is a brilliant idea to have ready-made templates for delayed goods delivery. In the delivery delay e-mail, you should always be polite, because no matter whose fault it was, be sincere, show that you are very sorry that you violated someone’s plans and made the person feel angry or disappointed.

In this article, we’ll go over the main points you need to communicate to your customers and show you the shipping delay e-mail template with the apologies. 

Shipping Delay E-mail Templates

Shipping Delay E-mail Templates

When the delivery was delayed because of your fault, it is better to apologize in your e-mail. Explain to your client the new delivery date and where they can pick up the parcel. It will be nice to put some little gift to cheer up your customer.

Let’s move on to writing variants of the shipment e-mail about the delay of the template:

  • Hello, [customer name]

We learned that our goods, which were sent to you, unfortunately, were delayed on the way because we work with a very large number of orders. We are very sorry that, through our fault, we may have seriously disrupted your plans. Now, we are making every effort to deliver your goods to you as quickly as possible. To track the location of your package and find out about its current status, visit your order page at any time you need.

We thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, you can contact us, we are always ready to help you.

Your name

  • Hello, [customer name]

We thank you for choosing our store. It dawned on us that our product was not delivered, we apologize for letting you down very much. Our bonuses will be sent to your card that can be used throughout the year to purchase what you want. We hope that, in this way, this unpleasant situation will be quickly forgotten.

If any questions remain unresolved, always contact us, we will be happy to help you.

All the best!

  • Hello, [customer name]

We have to inform you that due to a significant increase in the number of sales this month, our employees were very overloaded and as a result, apparently, there was a mistake that led to a delay in the delivery of your package. However, we understand that this should not affect our customers. Accept our apologies for the delivery delay. We will try to resolve this unpleasant situation as soon as possible.

[Your name]

  • Good afternoon, [customer name]

We will be honest with you, this year we experienced difficulties with transport and, therefore, we sincerely apologize for the delay in the delivery of our goods. We understand that we let you down and feel so sorry for that. Therefore, we give you a coupon for a purchase in our store for 12 months so that you can cheer up yourself and your loved ones. Our support service is open to any questions you may have.

We appreciate your patience. All the best.

  • Hello, [customer name]

We received a message that the package ordered from our store was not delivered to your address. This happened due to the fact that we processed too many orders on Christmas. We bring you our deepest apologies, and in order to forget this situation as soon as possible, we are sending you our gift in the form of a set of skincare cosmetics. Thank you for your patience, and glad to hear you are staying with us. We promise that we will not let you down again!

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Undelivered And Lost Package E-mail Templates

Let’s consider a few more variants of delivery delay e-mail, among which there will be several options of writing a lost package e-mail template with the apologies for the loss of the package. Of course, your concerns shouldn’t be reflected in your customers’ plans.

Here are some ideas of lost package e-mail templates and shipment e-mail templates you can use:

  • Hello, [customer name]

We found out that the package was not delivered to your address. Please, check if your address was pointed correctly. If the loss of the parcel was due to the fault of the delivery company, they will reimburse the damage.

We would ask you to check the address:

[address of the recipient]

We promise to sort it out as soon as possible and apologize in advance. We will justify your trust and hope to see you as our client.

Good luck

  • Good morning!

We found out that our package was not delivered to your address, and we are so sorry that such a situation occurred. We will try to resolve the issue with the package as soon as possible. When it is the fault of the delivery service, you will certainly get a refund. 

Tomorrow, we will clarify this issue. In any case, we will track the location of this package and promise to deliver it or return your money. Stay in touch. 

  • Good evening, [customer name]

Unfortunately, due to the carelessness of our carriers, whom we hired to move to the new address, your package was lost. We bring you our deepest apologies and to improve your mood, we are presenting you with a certificate for purchases in our store available for 6 months. All your money spent on goods lost through our fault will be unconditionally returned to you shortly. We would be glad to see you our customer. Henceforth, we promise only to delight you with our prices, choice, and fast delivery.

Merry Christmas.

  •  Good evening, [customer name]!

We received your statement that our goods were not delivered to your address. During the checkup,  we learned that, unfortunately, the goods disappeared due to the delivery service fault. We sincerely apologize and will refund you as soon as possible. To say sorry, we give you an 80% discount on any of your purchases.

Store delivery department

  • Good afternoon, [customer name]

Our company has excellent results and feedback; we try to do everything well. However, due to worsening weather conditions, the delivery speed of our goods has decreased. Therefore, we could not deliver the goods to you on time. We apologize for the oversight and, in gratitude for your patience, present you our set of beauty products.

Merry Christmas!


Why doesn’t the package arrive on time for customers?

Quite often, the client incorrectly fills in the delivery address, and the form has not complete information, or some fields are filled in incorrectly. Sometimes, a salesperson or warehouse worker confuses the order due to the amount of work involved.

How to express sympathy in a delivery delay e-mail?

Be sincere in your apologies, admit your company’s guilt, ask for forgiveness, show people that you are aware of the current situation, that you are doing everything you can to resolve the issue safely as soon as possible.

Also, say that you perfectly understand how you let the person down and that you may have disrupted their plans. Use phrases such as “We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you due to our mistake.”

Is it worth explaining the reason for the delay or loss of goods in the shipping delay email template?

It is very important to explain the reason for the delay in your delivery delay e-mail and also give your customers a hint about the approximate order delivery time. In the future, in order for your company’s ratings, do not promise what you doubt.

What other points to consider in the message lost package email template or delivery delay email?

Give accurate information on how people can get you and make sure that everyone can reach you and ask questions regarding the delivery of the parcel.

Briefly explaining to your clients how you are going to handle the situation is a great idea to soften up your client’s potential anger by putting some kind of bonus, for example, a coupon, inside the package.

Do not write too long letters; the main thing is that person understands the situation and still is your client.

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