How Important Is Your Quality Score?

by Amir Levi 22.May.2018 5 min read Views
Amir Levi

Understanding Quality Score is essential for success in SEM advertising. Let’s get to know how Quality Score affects your ads.

What Is Quality Score?

Quality Score (QS) is Google’s measure for ad quality assigned specifically at the keyword level. Based on this metric and max cost-per-click (CPC), Google will determine your ad rank. Quality Score is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest score. The higher score leads to a better ad position and/or higher impression share and lowers actual CPC.

Why Is Quality Score Important?

It’s in Google’s best interest to provide the most relevant ads in their search results. Google encourages compliance by charging less for prominent ad positioning when advertisers’ Quality Scores are higher. Quality Score works in conjunction with your maximum bid to determine your ad rank during an auction. This means if your QS is too low, you will pay much more per click or won’t appear in search results at all.

Quick Tips For Improving Quality Score

According to Google, Quality Score is comprised of 3 main factors:

Let’s take a look at what can be done to improve each of these components:

Expected CTR & Ad Relevance

The main goal is to improve CTR of your keywords. This is accomplished by concentrating efforts on high-volume keywords and ad groups. They have the highest impact on your average QS at your campaign and account levels.

  • Segment high volume keywords that have low CTR into separate ad groups – and tailor your ads specifically to each group
  • Make certain your ad groups contain closely related keywords – the ads you create for each ad group need to be precisely relevant to each keyword
  • Add negative keywords
  • Be diligent with low-performing high-volume keywords – pause them if optimization efforts are ineffective
  • Pause/remove low-CTR ads and extensions – add improved ads instead

Landing Page Relevance

Landing page experience is measured by how well your site provides users with what they are looking for after your ad is clicked. AdWords analyzes your landing page to measure relevance between your ads and site content. If the site provides a poor user experience – your Ad Rank, CPC, and positioning will all be affected negatively.

There are important variables to measure and implement when optimizing your landing page:

  • Improve speed! If your page is not fast enough customers will not wait
    Use these tools to measure your page’s load speed: PageSpeed insights, GTMetrix
  • Maximize relevancy between ad content and landing page – e.g.: a user searches for “black Ray-Ban sunglasses” – provide the link to the page offering that specific brand/style of sunglasses, rather than an “accessories” page or a product page with unrelated characteristics
  • Less is More: provide users with a clean, uncluttered page experience – make it easy to navigate products/options with a streamlined cart to checkout process

You are now on your way to making the grade. Improve your Quality Score and as a result – improve your business!

Here, at AdScale, we have developed a tool for tracking your Quality Score. Our platform makes this task ultra-simple. For the DIYers, this also can be accomplished using an AdWords script that will keep track of your account’s scores.

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