3 Simple Steps To Improve Your PPC Automation

by Amir Levi 02.May.2018 5 min read Views
3 Simple Steps to Improve Your PPC Automation

The most competitive players in the world of PPC advertising harness the power of automation to maximize their AdWords campaigns. Here at AdScale, our machine learning platform delivers results beyond what is capable of manually managed campaigns. However, the following steps are helpful for digital marketers using (almost) any automation platform.

The Real Benefits Of Automation

With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) the digital marketing landscape has been transformed. We are no longer in the dark, guessing, misdirecting ad budgets, and wasting effort. Now AI tactically decides for us – making dynamic bid adjustments based on behavioral statistics. But we shouldn’t think of AI automation as putting our business on autopilot. We should feel empowered by it, seeing ourselves in the cockpit – piloting our campaigns to greater heights.

Laser-Focused Targeting

Through optimizing your Adwords with automation, you now have time to laser-focus your campaigns. Based on the accounts we manage here at AdScale, those who go beyond with their campaigns are paying attention to these important details. Here’s what to look for:

1. Timing Is Everything

Are you marketing to multiple time zones? Separate your campaigns according to who is awake and who is asleep.

2. At Home Or On-the-Go

Users’ activity and “readiness to convert” are different throughout the day, and significantly depend on the device they use. Split your campaigns to target desktop and mobile separately.

3. Boys Vs. Girls

Behavioral patterns of shoppers give us keen insight – use this information to focus your campaign according to gender.

Above & Beyond

Let automation do the heavy lifting while your business gains the insight necessary to dig into the details. We at AdScale watch our clients’ business soar by applying these accuracy tips to their campaigns. While some might say, “don’t sweat the details” – this precise information leverages your business above and beyond the competition.

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