How To Find And Fix The Leaks In Your Conversion Funnels

by Amir Levi 19.Apr.2020 5 min read Views
Find and Fix the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnels
Amir Levi

It’s no secret that the world of e-commerce has exploded in the last decade. In fact, a decade ago, e-commerce sales accounted for approximately 5 percent of total sales. Today, e-commerce accounts for 16 percent of sales in the United States alone. However, this doesn’t mean that every e-commerce business is guaranteed success. A solid sales and marketing strategy is still necessary to ensure long-term growth. If you are trying to grow and scale your e-commerce business, the first place to start is by analyzing your current conversion funnel. In this article, you will learn some tips on how to find and fix leaks in your conversion funnels to maximize sales.

1. Dive Deep Into Data

Before you begin overhauling your website design and content, take a look at your data. By reviewing Google Analytics or your e-commerce platform data, you may be able to easily discover leaks in your conversion funnel. Some leaks might be a quick fix, whereas others might require more in-depth analysis.

2. Start At The Top

The top of the funnel should focus on creating awareness of your business, brand, and products. Visitors who enter the top of your funnel are learning about your business for the first time and are likely curious about what you have to offer as well as your pricing. Unfortunately, many e-commerce businesses lack sufficient content that appeals to potential buyers at this stage. Many also make the common mistake of not targeting the right audience at this stage.

3. Look At Your Call To Actions (CTAs)

In addition to ensuring that your content is targeting the right audience at the right stage, be sure to also review your call to actions (CTAs) throughout your website. Look at your CTA copy. Is it the best fit for your product? If you aren’t sure, you can always A/B test your CTA copy, button design, and branding. These might seem like small, trivial factors, but they can actually make a giant impact on whether or not a buyer clicks and converts.

4. Analyze Your Performance

Once you have spent some time looking at the data, the top of your conversion funnel, and even your content and CTAs, you will likely have a better understanding of which funnels and tactics are working and which aren’t. Having the right tools on hand will help you to easily identify and fix conversion funnel leaks. AdScale is an AI-powered advertising platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. AdScale allows you to visualize your advertising performance across multiple channels and all in one dashboard.

Follow The Path To Success

A typical yet simplified example of a conversion path might look something like this: Product category page > individual product page > add to cart > checkout
However, every e-commerce business’s conversion path might look a little different. Therefore, it’s important to carefully review and analyze each path to purchase to identify and fix any leaks in your conversion funnels. By leveraging the right tools, you not only save time and money by figuring out where the leaks are, but you can also identify underutilized opportunities for maximizing conversions.

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