Facebook Marketing Strategy For E-commerce

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Facebook marketing strategy for eCommerce

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The progress of your job, related to the sale of goods on the Internet, takes a lot of time, and a thorough plan of action, since targeting requires as much effort as selling goods in brick-and-mortar stores.

Facebook is a great place to work with e-commerce sales. For now, social media marketing is a must for any brand they work on.

A social network like Facebook can be a great solution for promoting your products. As it has many advantages, including a huge audience reaching over 2.45 billion monthly users and, according to statistics, over 74% of people log into this social network every day. And an equally significant fact is that people of advanced age have recently been quite rapidly mastering Facebook. This means that the audience is attracted, but writing an honest script for targeting plays an important role.

The big advantage of using Facebook is that you don’t need to have any specific targeting knowledge and invest more money in this business to use Facebook’s power to promote your brand. You just need to familiarize yourself with a good strategy and apply it to your business.

In our article, you can read in detail about setting up the best Facebook ads strategy for e-commerce.

Best Facebook Ads Strategy For E-commerce

Use the right e-commerce Facebook ad strategy that we have written to promote your brand, here are some of the tips for creating your strategy:

  • Start a Facebook page to promote your brand

Install the application of this social network or stay in the web version, indicate the type of your business and the products you offer. Next, add a photo and your brand name, or your name specifically, to make it easier for potential customers to contact you. You can specify more detailed information about you or your online store, and thus, you have already taken the first step towards your success in targeting.

  • Find out the interests of your potential buyers

Identify possible interests of your audience by learning such details as age, interests, studies, work. Use Facebook Audience Insights to do this. This tool will help you learn the most about the people you can partner with to market your brand. This can be considered the main part of the best Facebook ads strategy for e-commerce.

  • Start selling directly on the social network

In addition to your store, apply a strategy for selling your products on Facebook. Add your store to Facebook and start selling your product through the sales tools.

  • Problems and solutions

A good product solves people’s problems – and it’s not always obvious. A detailed analysis of the people and their pains will help.

  • Creative concept

Understanding the individuality and features of the product will allow you to differentiate yourself from rivals. This includes a global understanding of the ideas, mission, and vision of the brand.

  • Check the quality of the visual aspect

Also, an important part of Facebook e-commerce strategy is to create a good design. Add quality images and videos to your page for a good visual effect. Conduct video broadcasts and write about them in your posts. This will help attract more customers. According to well-known rules, let a third of your content be tips and stories, the second third will be related to personal interactions, and the third is to promote your brand.

  • Create an honest schedule for your publications and stick to it

If your goal is to interact with people, grow your client base, and get the attention of potential buyers, then you need to develop an honest schedule for your posts and stick to it strictly. We advise you to publish your new posts on weekends, as on Saturday and Sunday, people are free, and by scrolling down the feed, they will be able to pay attention to your ad and learn more about your brand. It’s a very important thing to create the best Facebook ads strategy for e-commerce.

  • Engage your audience

Share your customer content with your audience, arrange giveaways, and try to add reviews from your visitors. These tips for drawing up your strategy are very important, therefore we advise you to pay special attention to them. If you want to attract the attention of people with the help of excellent advertising created by the best Facebook ads strategy for e-commerce, go to our site. There you can find many interesting and valuable tips on how to do this, and seek our professional help.

More Ideas For Creating A Good Facebook E-commerce Strategy

Ideas For Creating A Good Facebook e-Commerce Strategy

Here are some ideas for improving your Facebook e-commerce strategy:

  • Refine your proposal – it helps or hinders your brand.

This is the very beginning – having an attractive offer for your audience.

Yes, you can use all the best methods. But if the thing you’re giving away isn’t compelling enough, your ad won’t convert. Instant sales are an effective tactic to generate interest in ineffective products. Do not mention their time-limited nature.

  • Reorient users who drop their carts.

Statistics show that users abandon 69% of online shopping carts. And this happens for a variety of reasons – high shipping costs, lack of a coupon code, distractions, and more.

However, a good Facebook e-commerce strategy allows you to nudge them towards completing an order. You do this through retargeting, a strategy where you show effective advertisements to people who have already visited your site.

One good idea is to create an ad that shows the items they’ve added to their cart. But before you can do that, be sure to create a product catalog in Catalog Manager. After that, you can start building the e-commerce Facebook ad strategy, and don’t forget to use the Directory Sales goal. As a key method, you can offer your customers a discount code.

  • Build a custom audience who viewed your product pages.

Facebook’s individual audience is a group of people who have interacted with your business in one way or another. This includes your current list of customers, app users, and, yes, those viewing your product pages. For strategy, we’re going to target only visitors to the product pages. To get started, you need to set up the Facebook pixel on your website. Make sure to add the View Content event code to your pixel code. This way, Facebook can track when someone is viewing a specific product. You can use your clients in different ways, for example, creating ads for Facebook products for that specific audience. To increase conversions, offer a special discount. Displaying related products that might interest them is also good.

  • Build a lookalike audience from past buyers.

Have you ever heard of a similar audience? Similar groups of people refer to an audience that shares similarities with your best existing customers. This similarity can increase your conversion rates. To create a similar group of people, you’ll need a custom audience from your customer list as a base. Then, select that custom audience as the twin source when you set up Similar groups of people in Ad Manager.

  • Promote your best blog posts.

Consistent blog posts from your Facebook e-commerce site are a nice step to attract more attention from people. It also positions you as an industry expert.

  • Key information – at the beginning

Nobody has much time to scroll through their Facebook feed. The gaze only clings to what grabs attention. Therefore, hiding crucial information deep in the post is a bad idea:

  • Description of how the product or service will solve the user’s problem

Try to sell in the text, not the product itself, but the solution to the clients’ problems.  With this approach, they quickly recognize their needs in the ad, and accordingly, they are more likely to make a purchase decision. It’s also a good option for the best Facebook ads strategy for e-commerce.

  • Transparency and truthfulness of information

Write the truth about your stuff, discounts, and prices. Such information will increase the credibility of your brand.

  • Do not try to put several various products in one ad copy at once

Include products related to the same topic in your ad post.

  • Clear terms on the validity of offers

If you offer a discount, immediately write the terms in which it is valid. If you are advertising training courses, indicate when they start and how long they will last.

  • The pros and disadvantages of e-commerce Facebook ads as a strategy for the attraction of people:
The brands are not hard to track;

Fast traffic flow;

Total control over received money;

Getting back on investment;

More targeting options including cities, regions, age, likes/interests, income level, and other demographics;

Easy to use;

The ability to reach people early in the buying process, before they are aware of their needs, and at the same time deftly catch those who are aware of the need;

You can use visual effects in your posts to grab the attention of people;

The cost per response will not be significantly high.
If you don’t understand the concept and use these things correctly, it can be expensive;

Depending on your target market, most of the people may not be relevant (for example, we would not recommend Facebook as a good idea for creating an e-commerce strategy if someone served or supplied their goods and services to the same city);

It may be suitable only for a specific category of people, especially those who deal with B2C markets;

Contacting customers too early can lower the conversion rate of your goals.

How To Advertise On Facebook Successfully

How To Advertise On Facebook Successfully

Here are a few tips. Following these steps of the e-commerce strategy, you can create catchy ads for your business:

  • Describe the client’s “pain” in the text

The text immediately evokes emotions – after all, everyone has experienced the described feelings at least once in their life.

  • Write clearly and only to the point

Make the text contains only necessary data – what kind of event, who should attend it, and when it takes place.

  • Keep track of the amount of text in the picture

Use images carefully. For an adverts campaign to receive its intended coverage, the amount of text on the image should not exceed 20%. These are Facebook recommendations. If the text is more than 20%, ad views will decrease, and the cost per click will be higher. It matters for e-commerce ads.

  • Use images that evoke emotion. 

Users do not want to buy a product, but a decision to their problem or the emotions they will receive from users. For example, sell not a dress, but the feeling a woman will put it on for a holiday. Sell ​​not a sofa, but the sense of comfort it gives to its owner.

  • Show the result of your work. 

Another trick to make an e-commerce strategy the best is to show a completed case. This immediately indicates the company’s expertise, and the people can use a real example to analyze whether they want to do the same. Of course, this method is suitable only for types of business, where the result can be shown in a photo.

  • Build strong relationships

On Facebook, people communicate and know a lot of necessary things that are significant to them. Find new clients and win their trust.

  • Reach your purpose

Each company is unique. Facebook’s solutions and tools can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Share your business brightly and interestingly way – on any device

Facebook posts and a variety of ad formats help grab the attention of customers and motivate them to take action. With flexible design options and multi-device support, you can quickly achieve the results you want.

  • Create an online presence for your company

This social network makes it easier to get people to contact your company. A page is your company’s presence on Facebook. 

  • Look for new clients

Thus, you find people who will like your products. All you need to do to reach them is targeted advertising.

  • Grab attention with videos

Video ads are an excellent decision for a lot of organizations, regardless of their purpose and budget. Find out what formats and types of video ads get the best client involvement. Try to use this as a part of your e-commerce strategy. It will greatly help you grab the attention of your Facebook visitors. Pay attention to such helpful site blocks as our company, solutions for e-commerce platform vendors, and blog. We believe you’ll find a lot of interesting points to help you in your work. Relax and think over this article, weigh all pros and contras.


What should a good e-commerce strategy be based on?

Without considering the specific points of the strategy, although talking about its correct basis, a good start to working with e-commerce will be analyzing the target market and its demand, as well as understanding the desires and capabilities of consumers.

What do you need to consider when creating a strategy to work in e-commerce?

  • Figure out the client’s preferences and interests.
  • Create a professional account on social networks.
  • Make sales directly on social media.
  • Write creative posts.
  • Set a new timetable, update your information schedule, and follow it.
  • Run ads on the social network.

How much does a Facebook ad cost in 2021?

In 2021, the starting price for ads on Facebook fluctuates from $0.97 per click. CPM costs about $7.19 and $5.47 for CPA.

Are Facebook ads suitable for e-commerce?

Advertising on a social network like Facebook is a very good e-Сommerce platform. For a good result of working with advertising on Facebook, you need to correctly build a strategy, decide on your audience, which will be interested in it, and work on high-quality content.

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