Why Your Future In E-commerce Depends On AI-Driven Advertising

by Amir Levi 16.Apr.2019 3 min read Views
Amir Levi

Today all major e-commerce players use AI to solve advertising problems in order to edge out the competition. But how will AI advertising get you to the major league?

The Problem Is…

Stores could specialize in selling a single product, yet most carry dozens of brands and collections to capitalize on the various needs of customers. While this does increase opportunities, it also increases the resources to be managed.
Keep in mind, assuring store advertising accuracy can quickly become a job occupied with many essential yet tedious tasks. Consider the amount of work required to professionally manage new product launches, pricing changes, or changes in stock.
This issue is further compounded due to the speed at which the customer journey changes. So, in order to effectively advertise, stores must be available on multiple channels to target and keep customers.

The Ai Solution Is…

AI manages resources so every product receives the specialized attention deserved. From campaigns to advertising budgets, it does the heavy lifting. This means that stores can be confident in carrying as much as wanted in order to meet customer needs.
For advertising to be effective, it must have live sync between the shop and the advertising campaigns on all channels. AI assures that your shop and campaigns are always accurate, advertised in the right places, at the right time, and at the right budget.
AI efficiently maps the complex customer journey while creating robust solutions. This takes the guesswork out of understanding touchpoints and customer habits, further optimizing cross-channel work.

Here Is A Small Exercise

Imagine a shop that has 350 products in 4 categories and an advertising budget of $45K. The shop wants to advertise its products on major channels such as Google Shopping or Facebook.
How much money should the store spend per category per product per channel per day to maximize their returns?
Hint: On your money it says – “In God We Trust”
Answer: By using an automated AI platform, such as AdScale e-commerce, advertisement beliefs can be replaced with real AI solutions. AI takes out the guesswork by quickly & accurately making informed decisions that do drive more revenue while reducing your campaign management time and costs.

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