The Impact Of The Coronavirus On E-commerce: How To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity

by Amir Levi 29.Mar.2020 4 min read Views
How To Turn The Coronavirus Crisis Into An Opportunity

It’s no secret that the global outbreak of the Coronavirus has impacted nearly every business in some way, shape or form. Understandably, as a result, many businesses are fearful of the future. However, it is times like these that test our ability to look at crises positively. With brick and mortar businesses forced to close, business owners, from personal trainers to real estate agents, are scrambling to transport their offerings online.
For many physical businesses, the transformation to 100% online is a huge change. It involves a complete overhaul of their business processes and offers, on the fly. However, e-commerce store owners are perfectly positioned to turn the current worldwide crisis into a huge opportunity for their business. In this article, we will highlight how the Coronavirus outbreak can positively impact e-commerce businesses and you can how to turn a crisis into an opportunity to grow and scale.

Focus On Innovation

E-commerce businesses have seen a significant increase in online sales due to the pandemic. Home-based alternatives such as a home gym or office equipment, for example, are experiencing a huge surge in sales.
What’s more, this isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon — even long after the outbreak dissipates. It’s highly likely people and businesses will continue to opt for the cheaper and easier home versions of their usual activities.
With increased sales, there’s no better time for e-commerce businesses to implement a new solution for scaling advertising. AdScale allows e-commerce companies to take advertising to another level. AdScale is easy to set up, install, and integrate with your current e-commerce framework or platform for complete cross-channel analytics.

Scale Revenue Streams

Because most brick-and-mortar retail stores were forced to shut their doors for an indefinite amount of time, many consumers are turning to e-commerce for their regular purchases, such as food, clothing, and personal care needs more than ever. As a result, the current climate and circumstances are forcing e-commerce businesses to quickly transform, scale, and grow.

Optimize Your Advertising Efforts

While we are all focused on the impact of the pandemic and staying informed on local and federal updates, it can be all too easy to overlook the fundamentals of running and optimizing your online business.
Now more than ever, many businesses are often surprised to discover how much they can optimize their ad spend and boost marketing ROI by implementing an AI-powered advertising solution.
For example, e-commerce businesses can use AdScale to optimize their advertising efforts, optimize ads across various networks and platforms, including Google Ads and Facebook ads, and maximize ad budgets. Not only will their advertising efforts become more effective, but they will also save them time and money.

Preparing For The Future

Businesses are certainly facing uncertain times, and many questions the potential long-term impacts the global “shut down” will have on their businesses.
However, with the right tools, e-commerce owners can turn the crisis into a positive opportunity for future growth and success.
AdScale provides solutions to help streamline campaigns, optimize ad budgets, and integrate an AI-powered advertising platform with your e-commerce framework, such as Shopify.

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