3 Shopify Apps That Automate Your Marketing & Increase Sales

by Amir Levi 29.Jul.2019 5 min read Views
Increase sales AdScale

Creating traffic is easy. Converting that traffic into sales is a challenge. But the real goal is creating customers that return to your store, time after time, as the source for the products you sell.
Now managing every intricate detail of your store’s day-to-day tasks might seem like a dream job for some people- as I look in my mirror- but for everyone else, there’s automation technology built to deliver results. So we gathered 3 Shopify apps that can automate your store marketing and scale your business.

1. AdScale: Automate E-commerce Advertising Across All Channels

First up is AdScale – an automated advertising platform that is built to drive more sales within any adverting budget. This app will sync and automate your work across just about every advertising channel you can hope for. By using one easy-to-use platform, users can quickly create, manage, and optimize ads, but then still make it to lunch on time.
If that wasn’t enough, AdScale uses its AI to analyze and optimize your store data against thousands of similar stores. That means you’ll be able to create and automate budget-friendly and highly impactful advertising campaigns that actually convert. You’ll be able to run some of the most effective ad campaigns on the net, proven to increase ranking, organic advertising, and even lower your ad spend.

2. Rise.ai: Branded Currency Solution

Rise.ai is an automated branded currency solution for gift cards, rewards, store credit, and incentive programs. They’ll create your very own in-store currency proven to return more customers known to convert to your store while increasing their average spend per visit.
As Shopify’s #1 Gift Card App, they have proven that their system effectively automates the pairing of behavioral triggers with holidays, and other calendar-based personal events to create a comprehensive rewards system. Simply put, this app is a must-have for building customer buy-in and brand awareness. But hey, don’t take our word for it, check out some of their case studies showing their success with the Miami Heat, raw threads, and more.

3. Fera: Social Proof

Fera is your one-stop shop for improving Social Proof, an essential trust-building principle for driving conversions. They’ve made it their business to develop tools to make your cold-traffic warm-up to hitting that oh-so-important “Buy Now” button.

With over 10,000 e-Commerce stores and $1 billion dollars of merchant revenue influenced by Fera, it’s hard to argue their effectiveness!

You’ll create a more inclusive shopping experience that guides your customers to the content they are most likely to want. That’s right! All your customer movements will be tracked in real-time, providing you with the details you need to further optimize your customer journey.
A real must-have for improving conversion rates!

Get Automated!

It’s time to stop doing it all yourself and let a computer do the heavy lifting! As more stores become automated, and the market becomes more data-driven, there is no time like the present to invest in your store’s future. And hey, maybe make it home on time, knowing your store is in the right hands.
Here at AdScale, we have created a platform that allows you to customize and then automate processes for cross channel and platform advertising, synchronization, as well as bid and budget automatons. The marketplace is changing, and, by using AI, you’ll know you won’t be left behind.

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