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    E-commerce platform

    Complete feature list

    • Business Analytics
    • Key performance indicators
    • Trend analysis
    • Customers segment creation
    • Customer segment analysis
    • Product segment creation
    • Product segment analysis
    • Insights and recommendations
    • Customers Trends
    • Orders Analysis
    • Performance by Geo
    • New Customer Revenue Cohort
    • Sold Products By Advertising Channel
    • New Customers Magnets(Products that attract new customers)
    • Out Of Stock Products
    • Analyze product performance
    • Inventory visibility
    • Data-driven advertising plan
    • Automated campaign creation:
    • Search
    • Shopping
    • Display
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Magic AI copy
    • Magic Video ads
    • 24/7 Automated AI optimization
    • Cross-Channel Budget Optimization
    • Bid Optimization
    • Actionable Optimization Tips
    • Advertising using customer segments
    • Advertising using product segments
    • Live Store-to-Ads Sync
    • Cross-Channel Advertising Analytics
    • Data-driven SMS plan
    • Ready-to-use SMS campaigns
    • Trigger/Event based campaigns
    • Embedded customer segmentation
    • Personalized messages
    • ROI-based reporting
    • SMS Flow Builder
    • AI-Powered Predictive Analytics
    • Timezone-based Messages
    • Ready-to-use email templates
    • Trigger/Event based campaigns
    • Embedded customer segmentation
    • Personalized messages
    • ROI-based reporting

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    How does the pricing work?

    With AdScale, you are charged monthly based on your chosen plan. Each plan includes the maximum advertising spend and the maximum amount of SMS messages you can send during your billing period.

    Can I use BI, Ads, and SMS independently, or do I need to buy all?

    It is up to you to decide which products you wish to purchase. BI is part of all products as all data and customer segments are in the BI module. Our pricing includes massive discounts when you buy more than one module.

    What if I didn’t use all SMS credits during the billing period?

    We add all unused SMS credits to the following month, so you can always use them later, up to a maximum accumulation of 5 times of your total SMS package (i.e., if your plan includes 20,000 SMS credits, you can accumulate up to 100,000 SMS credits).

    Who is doing the billing If my store is on Shopify?

    Shopify will charge you for the BI, and for the Ads fee, AdScale will charge you for the SMS and for the managed service fee.

    What if I exceed the maximum in my plan?

    If you know you will use more, we recommend upgrading your plan, but if you haven’t done it, don’t worry; AdScale will not block your advertising or marketing. If you exceed the maximum Adspend or SMS in your plan, AdScale will charge you an additional fee for the extra usage. We will charge you for the extra SMS messages when you send them and for the extra Ad spend in the next billing cycle.

    How do I pay?

    We accept all major credit cards, and you can enter or update your payment details on your account page at any time.

    What is the billing date?

    The first charge is on the day you have joined AdScale, and the subsequent billing cycles are on the same date in the following months.

    I have more questions. How can I talk to someone?

    We’re always here to help. Send us an email ([email protected]), and we’ll get you in touch with the right person on our team.

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