Yotpo is a platform that helps store owners collect high-quality reviews and user-generated content, and improve customer loyalty.

Yotpo & AdScale

Connect your Yotpo account to AdScale to create product segments of your top-rated products – according to their ratings on Yotpo – within AdScale ads. This lets you put your best-received products in front of your audiences, increasing your sales.

Additionally, you can automatically insert a product’s star rating into new Meta ads, adding a visual cue to your ads.

Finally, you can create audience segments of past customers who reviewed products, and segments based on loyalty points, to reach your most engaged users.

Use cases

Ratings in Facebook Ads

Increase your Facebook Ads click-through rates by showing your product star ratings directly in carousel ads.

Product Segments by Rating

Advertise your best-rated products by creating product segments based on their Yotpo ratings.

Audience Segments by Reviewers

Target your most engaged customers with audience segments based on the number of reviews that they left.

Audience Segments by Loyalty

Target your most invested customers with audience segments based on their number of Yotpo Loyalty Points.