Magento is an open source PHP platform for e-commerce, used by over 250,000 merchants. With Magento, you can build an e-commerce store for any size and industry, from small merchants to large, from D2C to B2B.

Magento & AdScale

AdScale has seamless integration into Magento. Within a few minutes you’ll have access to our powerful BI that will turn all your store data to actionable insights. AdScale takes all your stored data from Magento, and makes it accessible for our AI campaign creator and optimizor to use on Google, Facebook, SMS, and e-mail.

Use cases

Win more clients

Stand out with certifications, and sharpen ecommerce skills.

Open new revenue channels

Receive revenue share for AdScale customers you refer or manage.

Grow your business

Get partner-specific tools, strategies, and support for long-term growth.

How to integrate

Step 1

Step 2