9 Reasons Why Your Store Isn’t Converting

by Amir Levi 01.Jul.2019 6 min read Views
9 Reasons Why Your Store Isn’t Converting
Amir Levi

You’ve put in the work. You’ve checked and rechecked every detail a dozen times. But, your store just isn’t getting the sales that it deserves. Don’t be surprised, but you aren’t alone.
Almost 80% of all Shopify stores fail because they miss the details that matter the most to their customers. To keep you from ending up on the wrong side of a statistic, here are 9 ways to improve your store:

1. Unique Shop Domain

Personalizing your store on Shopify is a breeze, but don’t be fooled. Often new store owners don’t change their Shopify domain, losing out on an important step.
This might seem like just a detail, but using a unique domain improves the performance of your ads by helping your store to stand out. Remember, your ads should promote your store on Google and Facebook, not promote Shopify. This further improves your client’s awareness of your store brand, improving your credibility and professional look.

2. Logo & Branding

Logo and Branding

Once your Shop Domain is set, it’s time to start thinking logos. This is an essential step towards customers associating your brand with certain products while improving the success of your ads. An effective logo significantly Improves Google & Facebook Ads performance on both Google display ads and Facebook ads by increasing brand visibility and memorability. That means you are taking a step towards building brand awareness that helps new and old customers make a quick connection between your store and the products they want most. Your store will appear uniquely to a crowd of people, showing you as a credible source for your products.

3. Return Policy

But what good is looking the part if your customers don’t know if they can trust you? That’s where a Return Policy page makes an essential difference. UPS has reported that 88% of shoppers will check out a Return Policy page with 66% of them doing so before making a purchase. That means having an effective and related policy will help you to capture more of the traffic that is willing to hit that all-important buy button. More importantly, it’s a mandatory requirement to advertise with Google Shopping, which accounts for over 76% of retail search ads.

4. Your Contact Info

Now that you have your Return Policy page, your customers should have multiple ways to contact you with questions, issues, or order follow-ups. This is essential to building relationships with your clients which opens the door to learning more about what you need to convert more traffic into sales. If that hasn’t sold you, remember, Google Shopping ads require that contact details be displayed to begin advertising.

5. Product Images

High-quality product images make people think of high-quality products. Your store should always look like a credible source for what your clients need. Consider how 71% of potential buyers are more willing to make an order if they see high-quality and detailed images of products. This also affects your ads on platforms like Facebook where pictures are taken directly from your products.

6. Product Description

Once those high-quality images have caught your clients’ attention, they are going to want to know the details that make your product worth buying. Your customers want to know why your product is exactly what they need, and there should be no guessing about it. A quality description stops customers from guessing and helps them to know that hitting the “buy now” button is the right decision.

7. Product Meta Titles

Even with the fastest website on the internet, you need something to grab the attention of potential clients. That’s where meta titles step in. By writing an effective Meta Title you’ll increase the chance of targeting the best attention for products, which significantly improves organic search reach on Google by properly indexing while improving the search rank of your product pages.

8. Barcodes

While you technically don’t need barcodes, the benefits make them well worth the effort! Barcodes help you to effectively manage your inventory which can be especially important when running a brick and mortar store as well as your online shop. But, when it comes to advertising your products, Barcodes shine at helping you to outbid and rank your direct competitors. Not to mention it’s a mandatory requirement for advertising on Google Shopping.

9. Product Reviews

Your customers are looking for confirmation that your products are as good as advertised. That’s where product reviews help you to build trust. Product reviews improve your store credibility while also showing that you are taking feedback seriously. And when studies have shown that 88% of potential buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, there’s a clear connection to improved store conversion rates. Your product ads can also display your reviews and star rating to attract even more traffic to your site.

How To Get Started

Improving those sections in your store might be an overwhelming task. This is why we’ve created a FREE Store Checkup Tool that analyzes your store, reports on your store readiness, and provides a list of actionable items to fix all the relevant issues in just a few simple steps. Checkup on your store, and optimize it to deliver the best shopping experience possible to your customers.

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