5 Digital Advertising Tips To Boost Your E-commerce Sales On Black Friday!

by Amir Levi 27.Oct.2020 8 min read Views
Amir Levi

With e-commerce growing gradually by the month, and with the global pandemic still among us, the 2020 shopping season is expected to begin early and be busier than ever. In fact, it is expected that the Black Friday sales trend will grow to 61% in 2020.

It goes without saying (or writing) that this presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses. So how can you make sure your e-commerce business capitalizes on the right Black Friday opportunities and at the right time? In this article, we will share some benefits of using digital advertising for your store’s Black Friday campaign, and how to leverage the right tools to help you do it.

Why Should You Use Digital Advertising In Your BFCM Campaign?

Although Black Friday campaigns and deals can generate many sales and orders from organic traffic alone, digital advertising can double those orders while also significantly boosting your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), despite the high advertising costs of the holiday season. This is also a great opportunity to collect audience data for future campaigns.

“Digital advertising can double your orders on Black Friday, while also significantly boost your Return On Ad Spend.”

5 Tips For Using Digital Advertising For Black Friday

1. Increase your budget

With a great holiday shopping event comes great competition. The best way to beat your competition this year is to increase and maximize your ad spend budget during Black Friday. Be sure to also get into the habit of checking your budget allocation and utilization on a daily basis as Black Friday approaches.

Increase bids as often as possible for the greatest impact on your audiences. It’s also important to migrate your budget between different campaigns and advertising channels to make sure your marketing dollars are going the distance for your e-commerce business.  So, make sure you’re increasing your budget to the max available during Black Friday. Keeping the same daily budget on Black Friday will cause many potential sales to slip away, eventually falling into your competitors’ pocketbooks.

AdScale can help you do all of the above. AdScale is designed to automatically allocate budgets, optimize bids, and target relevant audiences. It works 24/7 to optimize your advertising campaigns.

2. Focus on top-performing products and collections

One of the best and easiest ways to make the most from your Black Friday advertising campaign is to focus on selling your already top-performing products and collections. These are the products and collections with the following:

  • High order volume
  • High conversion rates
  • High profit margins
  • Most profitable products
  • Most competitive pricing

You can do this by optimizing your Google and Facebook ads to promote your top-performing products. You can also take this one step further by offering a significant sale or discount to boost your sales through the roof!

“By using AdScale, you can simply select the AI Pick, which will automatically choose your top-performing products, and update them dynamically according to ongoing product performance metrics. With AdScale, you can make the strong, stronger!”

3. Use teaser ads to create expectations for your customers

Publish ads several days before the start of a sale to get customers excited. For example, you can publish an ad with the following copy: “48 hours to the Huge Black Friday SALE!” Remember, excitement is contagious. By effectively creating some excitement and hype around your Black Friday sales and deals, you are in a better position to boost sales.

“With AdScale, you can easily create ads using ready-made ad copy text for the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

4. Diversify your audience targeting on Facebook Ads.

Now it’s time to take full advantage of your customer history. Reach new potential customers by setting dedicated audiences either by data from your Facebook pixel or by uploading the customer list as a Facebook custom audience.

Matching the relevant products/collections you advertise to dedicated custom and lookalike audiences is one of the main things that can take your advertising campaign to the next level! Here are some audience ideas you can use for your campaign:

Audience Name Description
Top SpendersCustomers who made a purchase with high AOV (average order value).
Loyal CustomersRepeat customers who make regular and frequent purchases. For example, customers who purchased every 60 days, during last year.
Single Purchase – High AOVCustomers who made only one purchase but their AOV is more than 50% higher than the average
Single Purchase buyersCustomers who have only made one purchase

AdScale can automatically create all the above audiences and add them to your digital advertising campaigns. Simply choose the audience types you would like to include and AdScale will generate highly-targeted audiences relevant to your products and store.”

5. Expand your reach with multi-channel advertising

It’s crucial to reach your potential customers on the right channel and at the right time, regardless of their location. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, other channels such as Google Shopping and Google Search can help increase conversion rates and boost your Black Friday sales to a whole new level.

For this year’s Black Friday shopping season, you can also take advantage of the recently released Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops allows you to add a store to your e-сommerce business’ Facebook page for even more exposure, engagement, and conversions.

AdScale allows you to automatically distribute your ads across multiple advertising channels at the ad level. In addition to that, AdScale is one of the first Facebook e-сommerce Partners, and is fully certified and integrated with Facebook Shops.”

How To Increase E-commerce Sales On Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 is quickly approaching, and this is a year you don’t want to miss out on. With consumers starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever, and with another boost in e-commerce sales expected, this Black Friday 2020 is a year that your e-commerce business can’t afford to miss out on.

AdScale is here to help. By offering a wide range of highly-robust, AI-powered features and functionalities, you can finally say goodbye to the endless hours wasted on manually creating and displaying ads, and monitoring ad budgets, hoping you are doing the right thing. By having the right digital advertising tips and tools at the ready, you can easily increase e-commerce sales in ways you never thought possible—and without adding extra resources or breaking the bank.

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