4 Tips For Increasing The Efficiency And Functionality Of Your E-commerce Business

by Amir Levi 07.Oct.2020 5 min read Views
Tips for Increasing the Efficiency and Functionality of Your Ecommerce Business
Amir Levi

Startup e-commerce businesses know the challenges of getting their stores off the ground. However, after generating brand awareness and sufficient exposure to making that first sale, established e-commerce businesses then encounter a whole new often set of challenges: increasing the efficiency and functionality of all operations—from the second a customer places an order to fulfillment. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to increase the efficiency and functionality of your e-commerce business to improve the customer experience to reduce operational costs, drive more sales, and scale.


Quality products and services and affordable prices used to be enough to satisfy customers. However, with technological advancements completely reshaping our world, customer expectations are higher than ever before. Today’s customers are far more informed about a product before making a purchase decision. How can e-commerce businesses keep up? Personalization is key to getting your e-commerce business to stand out from your competitors as well as to driving customer loyalty and retention. Some examples of personalization include sharing content or information that includes the following:

  • information or details related to their geographic locations
  • shopping habits or patterns (such as purchase frequency, product purchase history, average order history, and so on)
  • product browsing history and interests
  • birth date

Get Mobile Ready

Providing customers with a mobile-friendly and immersive experience is a MUST today in order to convert users into paying customers. In fact, mobile e-commerce sales are projected to reach $2.91 trillion in 2020, which is a 25.4 percent increase from 2019—and this growth rate isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Mobile e-commerce sales are expected to only increase by another 22.3 percent, hitting a whopping $3.56 trillion in 2021.

Improve The Checkout Experience

Although there are a number of important Ecommerce elements that go into shaping and providing an awesome experience for customers, there is one element that stands above all others: the checkout experience. Ecommerce businesses can have amazing, beautifully-designed stores with all the latest and greatest features and advanced functionalities. However, if the checkout process is complicated, then all other efforts go to waste. Take time to capture and analyze data related to why customers abandon their carts at checkout or don’t follow through with a purchase. By understanding “the why” behind this, you can further improve the checkout process and experience to drive sales.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world of e-commerce today relies on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate shopper experiences, workflows, advertising, and more. As a result, more and more e-commerce businesses are leveraging AI tools and technologies to increase the efficiency and functionality of their stores. AdScale is an online e-commerce platform powered by AI that automatically creates and optimizes ads and budgets across various digital marketing channels, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, helping e-commerce businesses boost ROI and ROAS.

How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your E-commerce Business

The tips shared above for increasing the efficiency and functionality of Ecommerce business operations are tried and true ways to improve, advance, and scale. Above all, it’s important to take both a high-level approach toward e-commerce as well as a deep dive into both your front- and back-end operations and identify areas to streamline workflows and processes that are not only more cost-effective but also provide a better customer experience.

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