Ecommerce advertising made easy for agencies

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing eCommerce ads manually. With AdScale, agencies can easily create & run ads by leveraging first-party data directly from clients’ online stores to their campaigns.

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Run Ads 10x times faster

AdScale streamlines every part of ads management so you can hit your goals. Easy campaign creation across all channels from one place, automated optimization, store-to-ads sync, AI ad copy, and even AI magic video ads and more.

Gain visibility into your client’s business

AdScale’s BI module is the heart of the AdScale Analytics platform. It provides business insights that help you better understand your customer’s business and leverage the store’s first-party data into more sales.

Create dynamic customer segments

AdScale allows you to create customer segments based on their behavior and link them to your acquisition and retention campaigns. This way, you can show the most relevant ads to the right customers when they are most likely to convert.

Automate Ads Creative with AdScale & Chat GPT

Create more engaging content with AdScale’s Magic AI Copy and save time. Our AI copy generator takes the guesswork out of ad copy creation, providing you with limitless suggestions to use in your Facebook & Google ads. Whether you’re a professional copywriter or a seasoned marketer, Magic AI Copy will make your life easier and help you get better results.

Get Magic Video ads Using Generative AI

Generate branded video ads for products from your catalog in one click with AdScale’s AI creative engine, empowering you to increase sales and engagement without effort or extra costs!

Manage Everything in One Place

AdScale is a single platform for managing all your ecommerce customer’s ads across all platforms. You can create and manage the search, performance max, and Facebook and Instagram ads are all connected to first-party data in one place. No more juggling between platforms and tools.

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