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AdScale for eCommerce

We enable every store owner to sell more, by advertising on all platforms like a pro

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100% Advertising Automation

  • Creation of professional campaigns
  • On-going optimization & refinement
  • Full synchronization with your online shop

How Does it Work?

Automated Campaign Creation

AdScale for eCommerce connects to your store and automatically creates professional advertising campaigns on all major advertising platforms:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Remarketing (GDN)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook (coming soon)
  • Instagram (coming soon)
Automated Campaign Creation
Automated Campaign Creation

24/7 Automated
Campaign Optimization

AdScale machine learning algorithms are continuously optimizing your campaigns to maximize your sales in the given advertising budget. This includes:

  • Cross-platform budgets & bids optimization
  • Creation of new keywords and negative keywords
  • Audience Targeting optimization
  • Seamless conversion tracking
  • Click fraud protection and insightful dashboards
  • And more!

Live Automated Synchronization

All advertising activities are fully synchronized with your store. Whether some products became out of stock, you've added a new product or updated prices, all changes will be immediately reflected in your campaigns. Ads & targeting methods will be paused/created or updated accordingly.

Automated Campaign Creation

100% Advertising Automation

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Fair Pricing ensuring that

Your Success is Our Success

We Create & Manage
your advertising
campaigns at No Cost!

100% of your budget
will be invested
in advertising

You only pay us
for the sales
We make

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Product Features

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Pricing FAQ

  • What is the "Monthly Advertising Budget"?

    This is your store's revenue that is generated by advertising campaigns created and managed by AdScale.

  • How do you know which of my store's revenue is generated by AdScale?

    Every advertising campaign that we create and manage for you is tracked for clicks and conversions. The sales created by these clicks will be detailed in the "Sales Generated Through AdScale".

  • What is the "Monthly Advertising Budget"?

    It is the amount of money you want to invest in advertising for your shop on all digital advertising platforms via AdScale.

  • How much will I invest in advertising?

    This is totally up to you. It is important to start with a sufficient budget to help us generate a quality traffic to your store. Remember that a $300 budget means only $10 on average per day.

  • Will I have to pay to Google, Facebook, etc?

    No. AdScale takes care of it for you. AdScale distributes 100% of your advertising budget to your selected ad platforms.

  • Is all of my advertising budget invested in advertising?

    Yes! 100% of your advertising budget is directly spent on your selected ad platforms. Our system offers full transparency on your day-to-day Ad Spend. *Any excess budget will be automatically rolled over to the next month.

  • When do I get charged?

    You will be charged once a month for A. advertising budget and B. our sales fee.

    A. Advertising Budget
    At the beginning of each month you will be charged for your advertising budget. You will only be charged partially for your first month based on your start date. (e.g.: If you register on the 15th of June and your budget is $1000 per month, you will be charged $500 for half of June and in early July - $1000 for July.)

    B. Sales Fee
    Our fee for "Sales Generated Through AdScale" will be added to the charge of your monthly advertising budget of the following month. (e.g.: If AdScale generates $500 of sales for your account in June, you will be charged a $39 fee in July in addition to your monthly advertising budget.)

  • When can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time! AdScale will continue advertising for your store until the end of the month and then pause all of your campaigns. We do not reimburse your remaining advertising budget in the middle of the month. We will continue advertising your store until 100% of your remaining budget has been invested.

100% Advertising Automation

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