AdScale | Adwords optimization made easy

Agencies Earn More with AdScale

A major challenge agencies face today is how to earn more on every managed account while ensuring customer satisfaction and long retention time.

AdScale provides the ideal set of tools for account managers to effectively manage more accounts and budgets at the same time.

Reduce Workload

Automating some of your PPC workload not only makes it easier on you, but frees time for other important tasks. Follow AdScale smart recommendations to optimize your keywords, ads, account settings and landing page performance, and save hours of daily work. AdScale helps save time and manage your account more efficiently.

Automate Your Reporting Process

Enhance reporting and save time by automating your reporting process. Select from existing insightful and impressive white labeled reports, or create new ones and schedule their automatic distribution to customers and managers.

Boost Results

Use 24/7 Algorithmic Bid & Budget Management to define your budget and goals and let AdScale learn your account behavior as well as your competitors' account behavior. Allocate budgets between campaigns and set the optimal bid and bid adjustment for every keyword and placement 24 hours a day, better than you can do yourself.

Leverage AdScale Powerful Dashboards

View MCC Dashboard to quickly identify accounts that require more attention, Drill down to account level dashboard to analyze the information that matters, leverage AdScale benchmarking dashboard to compare key performance indicators across accounts, account managers, branches, or any other category.

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